"Luncheon Under the Ash Tree"- Evelyn Page
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"Luncheon Under the Ash Tree"- Evelyn Page

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A truly evocative work of art. THE ONLY SIGNED LIMITED EDITION BY THIS REMARKABLE PAINTER. Never again...A true collector's item.

Limited to 500 copies, most of which have now sold. Each print individually proofed and signed by the Artist. Directing production, proofing and autographing this celebrated subject was Evelyn Page's last artistic statement.

Image size: 50 x 75 cm

Print size: 62 x 86 cm

Published in 1986 by International Art Centre, Parnell Auckland

Fidelity to the original painting that typified her use of pure colour was the artists exacting criteria throughout the reproduction process.

Painted in the 1960's the original Luncheon Under the Ash Tree was one of seventy works assembled by Robert McDougall Art Gallery for the Evelyn Page - Seven Decades exhibition.

Evelyn page had an affinity with and enthusiasm for the French Post Impressionist painters Binnard and Vuillard. Her use of intense colour and treatment of the effect of natural light infused her subjects with vitality and life.

"She will be a painter with whom future historians of art will have to reckon" Prof. James Shelly 1929.

(Vintage print. May have slight marks on print border. See website terms and conditions)

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