"Hard Times - Sparrow Pair" - Raymond Ching
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"Hard Times - Sparrow Pair" - Raymond Ching

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Image size: 33 x 47 cm

Print size: 42 x 58 cm

Limited Edition of 850 worldwide. New Zealand allocation was 100 only.

Reproduced on 100% rag content acid free 250 gsm. stock.

This is an extremely rare print, be in quick.

"Wherever man has gone, the sparrow has gone with him; across deserts and oceans to the farthest reaches of the earth, becoming the most widespread bird in the world - man's cheeriest companion. From my studio window, both here and overseas the dapper little sparrow is always to be seen, and as a consequence, has been painted by me with great affection and more frequently than any other bird", Raymond Ching.



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