"Mitre Peak", Milford Sound, New Zealand - John Barr Clarke Hoyte
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"Mitre Peak", Milford Sound, New Zealand - John Barr Clarke Hoyte

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This is the finest work painted by the most celebrated artist of his time. Mitre Peak, Milford Sound, New Zealand. "The Eighth Wonder of the World" Rudyard Kipling.

Reproduced on Royal Linen Embossed Acid-Free Archival 300 gs stock.

Limited to 1,000 copies, most of which have now sold.

Limited Edition Print Image Size 47 x 80 cm. Print size: 59 x 95 cm

MILFORD SOUND. Part of New Zealand's protected Fiordland, this famous scenic attraction is as unspoilt today as it was when painted by the artist in the late 1870's. The grandest of the fiords that indent the south western coastline of the South Island, Milford Sound is the most northerly of the fiords; 25km south west of the Hollyford River. This 15km narrow canyon occupies the front portion of a glacial trough cut into the 1800m high surrounding mountains. Deeper in its inner reaches (290m) than its entrance (120m) into which the sea flowed over the hard rock barrier at its entrance when the glacial ice melted away. From the sheer rock walls rising 1200m vertically from the sea, numerous waterfalls cascade from hanging valleys formally occupied by tributary glaciers to the main ice flow. Nearest the head of the sound are the Bowen Falls (10m) and midway along the eastern wall the Stirling Falls plunge from 154m overhead.

MITRE PEAK. (1695m) One of the highest mountains rising straight up from the sea anywhere, described by the British writer Rudyard Kipling as 'the eighth wonder of the world" majestically towers above the Footstool. Opposite rising from the eastern shoreline is the Lion (1302m) and further up the ridge, Mt. Pembroke (2045m).

(Vintage print. May have slight marks on print border. See website terms and conditions)

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